Scenic Sessions End of Summer Party

Most of my Scenic Sessions sets have been solo-ventures, often requiring me to pack my decks, speaker and video equipment into a backpack so I could bike to the location. 

However, before covid happened, the plan was always to play sets out and about for interested parties. I finally got the chance to do this at an extra special location, the Old Mill ruins in Port Moody for a handful of special people.

This location had been in my mind for many years, so it felt good to finally fulfill that wish, even though it presented a number of logistical challenges. The sky was a moody grey, and we lost light approximately 45 mins early because of this.  The tide was also rising extremely quickly and at one point we were cut off from the mainland, which was pretty sketchy, but we toughed it out and partied until the water receded enough to leave.

Alas, all did not go to plan with the video recording, as it was rendered almost unusable by the fading light and compounded by technical issues. However there should be enough usable footage to use for a music video in the future so watch this space.

But overall, the experience itself was magical; the music and the location created a special vibe, and I'll definitely come back again with a better grasp of how to achieve what I want technically.  The set recording itself came out great, so keep your eyes peeled for that being released on Mixcloud soon!