Scenic Sessions Canadian Tour 2021 & new mixes online

Due to a twist of fate, I am hoping to be taking Scenic Sessions on a Canadian Tour next year. My wife recently, and beautifully, renovated a van which will be our working home-on-wheels for our epic adventure and I will be recording DJ mixes , creating tracks & remixes, and just generally exploring some weird and chill vibes along the way.


I'm hoping to make it quite a unique online experience too, and will be producing a ton of content, both for general release and exclusives for subscribers too, and will be partnering with a tree planting/re-wilding charity along the way.

To test the setup out, I recorded an exclusive Scenic Sessions set during a recent trip to Agassiz, BC. The weather wasn't the greatest but I included a few rain-themed tracks which I think were to blame for the subsequent downpour. The van provided welcome cover and I'm sure we'll be adding to the lighting rig for future sets.

The video will be out soon, and will be streaming on mixcloud/twitch this coming weekend. Speaking of which, Scenic Sessions Buntzen Lake is online at mixcloud now, and will be closely followed by the Stanley Park and Port Moody Ruins sets in the next few days, so check them out if you get the chance!

 Anthex Scenic Sessions at Buntzen Lake, BC