Anthex is an electronic musician from the UK, now based in Vancouver, Canada.

After purchasing decks with his first student loan at the height of the 90's trance explosion, his first forays into DJing were at house parties in the South-West rave scene. There he specialized in after-party sets, developing a style of lengthy drawn-out mixes and surprise tangents that kept dishevelled ravers awake long into the morning.

After a chance encounter, he was then mentored by a very secretive, internationally-renowned synth-pop duo who gave him incredible insights to the world of the music industry.

A musical education was to follow, completing a BA Hons in Sound and Music Technology at Plymouth University where attention was turned firmly away from the dancefloor, to the pioneers of electro-acoustic music; Luigi Russolo, John Cage and modern compositional techniques of greats such as Steve Reich.

Subsequent music adventures include synth duties in a punk band, a busking trip through Europe, and DJing the odd wedding. During this time, Anthex was developing a highly idiosyncratic style; deeply psychedelic, yet connected with ambient, electronic, rock and modern electro-acoustic music.

2021 saw the release of a passion-project, a DJ mix in aid of the Ancient Forest Alliance, where he called upon internationally recognized talent such as Akasha System and Tomas Jirku to contribute exclusive material.

It's taken a while for this unique artist to put all of his disparate influences together into a coherent form, but judging by the first few Anthex remixes, it promises to be a very unique journey from here on.