Unity Harmonic Drone Project

unity photo by James Lee from Unsplash
Unity is a collaborative Harmonic Drone project by Anthex

Over the course of the summer of 2022, I will be collating vocal and instrumental performances for the Unity Harmonic Drone.

Unity will aim to bring together a diverse range of people and cultures into one evolving soundscape. A complex, expressive whole created by capturing sustained notes from hundreds or even thousands of people. Unity is a simple statement that small actions of collaboration over time can become part of something much greater.

To preserve my sanity in this project, the following rules have been set.

1:) Performances will only be captured from people I meet in person

2:) Performances may consist of all OR any of the following notes: E G B D F# C

3:) Each performer must only perform one note at a time (for instance, no chords if using a guitar)

4:) A performance can last no fewer than 5 seconds, and no longer than 5 minutes

5:) A new rule may be created if logistics demand it

6:) All Drone participants must complete a collaboration form to be credited in the final project

Photo by James Lee on Unsplash